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 Web Design
Building websites is our specialty; we make it our mission to present our clients with the latest advanced technologies.

Each website we build is done so with the user in mind, intuitive navigation infused with visual creativity. Design is our passion, and our creative expression gives us the tools to communicate your vision, ensuring that our designs enhance your corporate branding and positioning.

Please browse through our gallery of websites.
 www.voicenow.com  www.motorskill.com  www.asiascientific.com
 www.grapeminds.com  www.leadersummit.net  www.yaorestaurant.com
Planning and Execution
InterLevel has developed a unique process to help clients make informed decisions about the sort of website they want and need to support business success. Instead of a thick document filled with jargon and techno-babble, we pare down the complex methodology behind a website into an easy to read pictorial storyboard.

We then take you through the “story” of your website and show you how it unfolds at every click from your customers. Because you can see how your website will function in real time you can make judgments on its suitability to your marketing objectives, ask questions and suggest changes before you sign off on the build.

 Co-Workers in a Meeting This enables InterLevel to offer our clients a guaranteed level of website usability and a fixed price commitment since the possibilities for scope creep or mis-communication are reduced to almost nil. Clients have a comprehensive but easy to understand blueprint of the website throughout the development process and benefit from an immediate return on investment.

The blueprint is then used as a working document that follows the project right through to delivery and release, similar to an architect's drawings on the construction of a house. This means our clients have better control of the process, more realistic views on return on investment and quick access to facts. The blueprint process has been developed over several years after we realized that the industry standard method cost client’s time and money and, often, months of frustration.

When you work with InterLevel you can be certain we will always speak in a language you understand.

Content Management
We offer a variety of content management solutions based on your unique business requirements and budget.

 What is a web CMS anyway?

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to make changes to your website's copy and images within the designed template. Certain areas within the template are allocated as content, while other areas which make up the design of the page are not accessible. This means you can update the words and pictures on your site at any time, easily, from any browser anywhere in the world with just your login username and password.

Managed Service
InterLevel builds websites that work, but as with a car, websites require ongoing maintenance and technical support that makes sense to out-source. In-house maintenance can be costly and an ineffective use of your company's resources.  Business Man at a Computer InterLevel provides a turnkey web maintenance and technical support agreement that ensures your website runs smoothly 24/7.

When you make the commitment to develop an online presence, you're also committing your business to keeping it going after launch. You need to feed it, with new graphics, up-to-date product listings, the latest links and details about the latest marketing campaigns and company information. Otherwise, it will become a obsolete advertisement for your business. An outdated website is worse than no website at all.

But how do you keep your site fresh and up to date? Hiring a specialized website team can be costly, expensive and inefficient. At InterLevel, we've found a better way to do accomplish this objective. We've developed
InterLevel Passport, an all-in-one web maintenance service.

InterLevel Passport can help you with any or all of the following:
  • Writing and editing content for your site
  • Developing new graphics to keep your site fresh
  • Reporting on traffic to your site
  • Checking automatically for broken or incorrect links on your site
  • Responding quickly to technical issues that arise
With a turnkey managed approach, InterLevel guarantees your web maintenance solution.

Search Engine Optimization
80% of traffic to websites originates from search engines. We can help you with every area of search engine marketing including:
  • Design for search engines
  • Search engine submissions
  • Relevant keyword research that will boost your search engine rankings
  • Search engine marketing strategies
Search Engine Optimization — Internet Marketing that Works
So you have a site, have spent hours upon hours and thousands of dollars building it and are now waiting for money to start ringing in. You are waiting but the traffic and sales don't seem to be going as anticipated. You spent more time and money in submitting your site to search engines, probably signed up for paid advertising as well, expecting high rank and traffic. Nothing happens. No ranking, no traffic, no sales, no money. Zilch.

What do you do now? You evaluate why your site is not showing up high in the search engines and come to the conclusion that it needs to be ‘optimized’ for search engines. You look up sites and forums that talk about Search Engine Optimization & Website Promotion and read what SEO experts have to say.

Suddenly, a whole new world of Search Engine Promotion opens up and there seems to be no end to it. All the over-information can indeed be confusing, not to mention that not everything you read is true. Do not despair. There is hope. InterLevel can help you achieve your goals — to get high traffic to your site that converts to sales.

Search Engines — The Traffic Drivers
Search engines are by far the most common starting point for Internet users in their quest for finding information, products or services. Nearly 90% of Internet traffic originates from the major search engines and directories daily. Search Engine Optimization or Website Promotion of your site, Search Engine Submission and getting a good Search Engine positioning of your website is essential for the success of any online venture.

Search Engine Promotion — Highest Online Marketing ROI Generator
Search Engine Promotion has shown to deliver the highest ROI (return on investment) as compared to any other type of marketing, both online and offline. Traditional forms of advertising attempt to create a desire for a product or service with potential customers, while search engines bring buyers to you, who already have that desire. Relevant traffic sent by search engines can result in increased sales conversions.

InterLevel offers an affordable entry point for marketing your website and an effective way to promote your business online.
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