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Front End
  • Multi-Media Enhancement
  • Website Development
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Interactive Training
  • Print & Presentation Design
Back End
  • Technology Architecture
  • Application Development
  • Database Ingration
  • Software Implementation
  • Process Automation

InterLevel provides a single source relationship for technology deployment and corporate presentation. With this strategy, we have the ability to recognize opportunities to capitalize on available resources and focus on key marketing and business strong points, enabling maximum corporate profitability.

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Let us work with you to develop a Custom Success System to dramatically increase productivity and business efficiency.

Fundamental Success Principles
  • Leadership — Deliver innovative technology solutions to increase productivity and profitability.
  • Consistency — Predictable and reliable results and efficiency.
  • Trust — Ensure that business data and transactions are always secure with uninterrupted service.
  • Simplicity — Focus on user-friendly interface to simplify even the most complex technology.
  • Speed — Agility for time to market and solution implementation.
InterLevel facilitates strategic consultation, custom technology development and application deployment. The overall premise with this strategy is to incorporate technology and creativity to establish functional, profitable software solutions and streamline business transactions.

In the current economy it is critical for business to properly utilize technology to efficiently interact with vertical markets, clients, prospects, employees, and suppliers. Utilizing best in class technology to develop a comprehensive software infrastructure, InterLevel provides client companies improved communications, enhanced productivity, and cost efficiency.

  • Website Design
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Advertising/Marketing Development
  • Corporate and Brand Identity
  • Art Direction and Production
  • Sales and Media Kit Design
  • Content Direction and Copywriting
  • Interactive Training
InterLevel provides a single point of contact for corporate identity and media representation. A professional image that addresses not only your business perspective, but also the psychology of your customer base or target audience is a fundamental requirement.

Think about it, your corporate identity, with the website as only one component, is just as important (or even more important) as the entryway into your office!

Do you ever really have a second chance to make a first impression?
More potential customers, strategic partners, vendors, or business associates view your corporate website, sales literature, and presentation materials daily than ever really “set foot” in your office.

Custom Software Development and Application Architecture
  • Strategic Oversight
  • Application Architecture
  • Software Integration
  • Custom Development
  • Database Integration and Management
  • e-Commerce and Process Automation
Experience a dramatic increase in organizational productivity and bottom line rewards with a custom tailored technology solution.

Your database combined with process automation is the lifeblood of business growth and productivity; successfully resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and needs assessment.

From a simple customer and lead-tracking database to a more complex customized data management solution, InterLevel consultants will work with you to determine your needs and functional specifications.

Utilizing Best-in-Class Technology
InterLevel expert programmers provide sophisticated support for client/server application development and architecture.

From front end user interface and multi-media graphics, to object oriented enterprise level developments, InterLevel is focused upon redundancy and stability.

Developmental Foresight

InterLevel clients benefit from a proficiency in problem solving methodology. With extensive project experience, best-practices research, systematic business application, user-centered design, and engineering disciplines, InterLevel begins each project with an accurate outcome projection. InterLevel customized solutions concentrate on application strategy, data and transactional security, data warehousing, and business intelligence reporting; all functions of full scale architecture and implementation. This implementation framework drives application development from definition and design to the deployment of custom tailored business solutions.

Core Competencies
Operating System:
  • Microsoft® Windows NT
  • Sun Solaris® 9
  • Microsoft® Windows 2000
  • Linux®
  • Microsoft®.net
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • Oracle®
  • Sybase®
  • Informix®
  • HTML
  • Java, JavaScript
  • Java Beans, Java Servlets
  • XML
  • WML
  • Visual Basic
  • ASP
  • Cold Fusion
  • C++
  • Macromedia® Development Suite
  • Adobe® Development Suite
  • Real Networks® Development Suite
Marketing Tools
Drive Sales and Empower Results with a Complete Marketing Solution!
  • Promotional Materials
  • BizConnect® email Center
  • Flash and PowerPoint Marketing Presentations
  • Auto Response Systems
  • Lead Generation Systems
  • Sales and Training Kits
  • CD ROM Interactive Business Cards

A single source approach for marketing and promotional materials, InterLevel provides a keen insight for sales and opportunity motivation. Take advantage of proven results and marketing expertise with a solution set designed to streamline associate enrollment and multiply sales volume.

Direct Sales Solutions for Ultimate Productivity!
  • Remote Sales Force Automation
  • Associate Management
  • Report and Tracking Functions
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Help Desk Administration
InterLevel’s remote Sales Force Automation application and Associate Management System enables you to immediately boost the profitability of your organization by increasing revenues and reducing operational costs.

Imagine, the ability to forecast revenues accurately with real time information. Manage productivity as you track every lead and follow each deal through the pipeline. The power to understand where bottlenecks occur — and why provides valuable insight for marketing strategy. Stay on top of key sales metrics that determine your organization's success — such as sales pipeline, forecasting, and performance over competitors with instant access to standard and customized reports.

E commerce
Electronic Transactions made Easy!
Affordable Solutions for Internet Commerce.
  • Payment Processing and Verification
  • Purchase Renewal “Auto-ship Function”
  • Order Administration and Product Delivery
  • Shopping Cart and Inventory Management
  • Lead Conversion
Dramatically increase sales efficiency with the ability to take orders and process transactions electronically. With a complete analysis of your corporate strategy, InterLevel provides a cost-effective custom solution to address your specific business goals and objectives.