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You want sales and you want them now! That’s where good marketing comes in and at InterLevel we develop ads that are more than good — they are focused and precise!

The InterLevel team will conceive, design and execute successful advertising campaigns with the following core principals:
  1. Creative: Creative, consistent and memorable
  2. Concise: Cut through all the other advertising clutter
  3. Tactical: Get your message across to your target audience
  4. Branding: Build awareness of your brand, products and services
  5. Impactful: Have a positive effect on your bottom line.
Great advertising doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive to be effective and the InterLevel team creates solutions for all media — from eye catching print ads to attention grabbing outdoor — or imaginative radio/TV spots and “switched on” Internet promotions using the latest in IPTV broadcasting. The design looks great but where’s the information? Addressing your market with the right message and right media is mission critical. Our all-inclusive marketing consultancy can provide a strategy to effectively carry through these core principals with measurable impact. InterLevel offers a turnkey solution for media implementation including: audience research, media relations, content authoring, ad placement, event management, and newsletter development.

Please browse through our gallery of marketing/advertising campaigns.
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Targeted Campaigns
At InterLevel we know that advertising dollars need to be leveraged to create the best results possible.

We can help you create a targeted marketing strategy that is focused and precise. Targeting those who are in the demographic of your business using multiple mediums like web, print and broadcast media — we work with you to develop a strategy to achieve maximum return on investment.

 When all else fails: Advertise, Advertise, Advertise…

Too often we see companies start a marketing campaign and after a short while when their business starts to increase they slow down their marketing efforts sometime stopping them all together…Then in 3-4 months they wonder why their business is slowing down…At InterLevel we understand the importance of finishing what you started and momentum; we know that for a business to succeed it must advertise, advertise, advertise continually to increase market exposure and to continue bringing in new clients.

Web Marketing
 Co-Workers Looking at a Computer Screen On the Internet, “build it and they will come” is wishful thinking. At InterLevel we have a professional team of interactive marketing specialists that can assist you in driving qualified traffic to your site. We employ a wide range of interactive marketing disciplines from planning, analysis and research to developing marketing objectives, key metrics, target audience profiles, trends and opportunities, unique to each client business.

Our interactive marketing team has years of experience in traditional marketing and advertising with an innovative view of the medium. We understand that you must be creative to make your media-buy stand out against the competition, with a focus on driving results with a creative message and impact visual representation. Fearless accountability means that our job doesn't end with your approval of an interactive marketing program. That's just the beginning!

We want to know:
  • How do your customers perceive our work?
  • How are they interacting with you?
  • How is it affecting their opinion of your brand?
  • How is it affecting their purchase behavior?
  • What is driving these changes and how can we make it better?
Ultimately, we help you achieve your business goals.

Copy Writing
If you don’t have a way with words, creating marketing messages with the “WOW” factor can be extremely difficult. Whether you’re trying to communicate with customers, staff, suppliers or other businesses — the right words, headlines, and messages is where the power resides. There is only one chance to make an impact or a “first impression” and your message must be unique and compelling to stand out from the competition. For clever, captivating and concise copy that is met with enthusiasm and proven results, look no further than the talented copywriters at InterLevel.

 Woman Writing on a Notepad with Laptop Computer Open It doesn’t matter whether you're trying to sell more “widgets”, land that “dream job” or present the best image to your customers…good communication is key to success. You may have perfect products, stunning skills, or eye-catching ideas; but you must make an impact on your target audience and establish credibility.

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