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Brand is a promise, a trusted source, and expectations that reside in each customer's mind about a product, service or company. Branding is about making an emotional connection. People fall in love with brands — they trust them, develop strong loyalties, buy them, and believe in their superiority. The brand is “shorthand” — it stands for something and demonstrates it. Branding used to be the exclusive domain of big consumer products. Now every business talks about having a distinctive brand..

Why have brands become so important? The bottom line is, good brands build solid companies. Ineffective brands undermine success. As products and services become indistinguishable, as competition creates infinite choices, as companies merge into faceless monoliths, differentiation is imperative.

While being remembered is essential, it's becoming harder everyday. A strong brand stands out in a densely crowded marketplace. Translating the brand into action has become an employee mantra. There is substantial evidence that companies whose employees understand and embrace the brand are more successful.

 Image…More than meets the eye.

It's not enough to create a pretty scheme for the sake of aesthetics; your identity must reflect a degree of thinking, your company's philosophy and your attitude. Regardless of size, businesses today are more aware than ever before of the necessity to develop and maintain an effective graphic identity. Once believed to be a decorative device, visual identifiers are now less an aspect of public relations and more a product of business strategy. Central to the process of identity development at InterLevel is the idea of appropriateness; that the implementation be right for your company, markets, and stated goals.

At InterLevel we believe that one of the most important identifiers is a company's logo. In many cases, your logo will be the first contact another person may have with your company. We believe it's important to create a professional and memorable impression. We regard a successful logo to be one that is instantly recognizable, embodies the brand, clear in it’s message — and flexible in mediums and sizes.

Please browse through our gallery of logos.
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 VirtualCity.tv  IVON  GC Medical Holding
Corporate Identity Design
This unique identity is defined by a business' culture, its approach to business, its products, services and people. A business' corporate identity is its corporate clothing: the internal — and external — look and feel that instantly reflects and expresses the dynamics flowing underneath. With strong internal design skills and often in association with our design partners, InterLevel provides specialized and strategic corporate identity conceptualization and design services. With successful deployments of corporate identity for businesses both large and small, InterLevel has earned an acute understanding of how best to dress and present businesses.
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