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 Our Process
The InterLevel Technologies Developmental Process capitalizes on best of breed technology applications to accomplish client objectives. These proprietary procedures involve imagination and developmental ingenuity to capture client company vision and desired functionality.

 Visualize  Blueprint  Develop  Solve  Produce  Perfect
1. Visualize
InterLevel Technologies clearly identifies client companies' vision and internet objectives. Once a true understanding of this function has been achieved, InterLevel provides consulting and research in order to offer customized and accurate ideas and recommendations. After a complete analysis of client needs, customer base, and market characteristics; InterLevel develops a strategy to maximize productivity and achieve desired functionality.

2. Blueprint
Determining database needs and functionality are mission critical elements for functioning e-Commerce websites. InterLevel determines the necessary database needs and capabilities and recommends the proper developmental tools and platforms. Once the database objectives have been identified, navigation and dataflow charts are created to ensure scalability and network server requirements.

3. Develop
Once structural and architectural elements are in perspective, InterLevel formats information interactivity and user interface design. Database developmental applications are customized to meet project specifications. Content needs are met in conjunction with technology infrastructure in order to develop a working prototype for testing and refinement.

4. Solve
By proactively measuring performance, InterLevel can quickly diagnose problems and determine solutions. Troubleshooting infrastructure and broadband accessibility, InterLevel readily identifies necessary measures for increased functionality and redundancy.

5. Produce
Final project development requires integration with existing systems and procedures. With redundancy and latency as a primary focus, InterLevel delivers completed solutions on schedule.

6. Perfect
InterLevel monitors project performance and solutions in order to continually improve and build upon existing solutions. It is important to always be in the next generation developmental thought process in order to remain on the right side of the competition and technology curve.

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